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Am I wrong?

Over dinner last night I found out my 17 year old daughter (step) was going to provide rides to school for three of her friends. This would normally not raise a flag except she is still under the intermediate license provision that she is not allowed to have more than one passenger. The provision is active for another two weeks. She sees no problem with it and had agreed to provide the rides. I put up the road block which she does not understand. My question/statement was ‘you are going to knowingly have more people in the car with you than permitted by the state?’ She didn’t see a problem with it since it was going to expire in two weeks. My wife was on the fence for a short time but did agree it was not the right thing to do. I asked if anyone knew the penalty if an officer stopped her, no one knows the answer. I guessed it would at least be a fine and worst case license suspension. I am very strict in following the rules and once again was the reason for unhappiness; the life of the stepdad. I tried to get the point across that it was wrong but seemed to make no headway so I put it a different way. I told her if she took them and got a ticket the car keys would be taken away, no discussion. That didn’t go over well as you might expect. I finally told my wife that if she was allowed to knowingly violate the law that I would have absolutely nothing to do with the car; no maintenance, nothing. If it caught fire in from of the house I would let it burn, I was really pissed. My wife told her no rides for the two weeks remaining… I was told the riders were called. I hope no rides were given.

Rules were put in place to help keep people safe. Do I agree with all of them, NO.? But until we are able to get them changed they must be followed or pay the price.

These issues really get my blood pressure rising, probably not a good thing.

I hope in years to come she will see the reason behind my strictness.


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