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I think I need help.

I have been thinking about seeing a psychologist do help me find a way to release the stress of the kids not really doing what I think they should do. Little stuff, I guess, such as turning the TV off when you leave the room or the lights, etc… I always have said they should do ‘what they are told when they are told’ and I know for fact that is not the common belief in the house. It would be much more easy around the house if tasks given to do were done when required instead of the continual delays and countless reminders. I know they are kids and their wiring has not completed or is not the same as adults.

I need help to release the stress I have from the almost uncaring attitude at times that is presented(in my opinion). I guess that if I didn’t care then this wouldn’t bother me so much. I hope that is the case.

Part of the lights, TV, etc… not being turned off is the cost… Several $400/mo electric bills will make you look close at what is happening. As pointed out to me last night I an guilty of not turning the lights or TV off at times, and that is true. I try more often then not to turn them off and expect everyone else to do it also, I just don’t see it happening.

The other part is I feel the rules that their Mom has put forth are not really cared about and seem to be nothing more than Mom and me, since I try to enforce them, trying to control their lives. In part that is true but only to the point that they need to learn that rules are everywhere and that by following the rules they are kept safer or are in place to teach them the right things to do.

I need help to find a way to deal with it. I feel my blood pressure rise at times and I need to keep it down. I wonder if therapy would help or some kind of physical activity? I need to do something.

I think I need help.


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