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Deer Hunting

This past weekend was Youth Weekend, in Texas kids 17 and under are allowed to hunt without the added pressure of all the regular hunters in the woods. I took my step son for the second time in hopes of getting his first deer.

We arrived at our deer lease campsite just after dark on Friday. We went about putting up the tent and unloading our cots and other things needed to give us some create comforts. Starting a camp fire was a task since we had so much rain earlier in the week, everything was soaking wet. I spent quite some time splitting logs down to small pieces in order to find dry parts, finally the fire started. We sat around the fire for a while then nearing 9pm we hit the sack to be ready for an early wake up call.

At 4:30 am I heard him moving about in his sleeping bag so I asked if he was awake expecting no response but to my surprise he said yes. I decided to go ahead an get us moving knowing it would take some work. It was cold for him, near 40 degrees. We got dressed and crawled out of the tent, I started a fire while he found breakfast; cereal or something. We got to the deer stand a little after 6am, sunrise was not until after 7am. We sat there waiting, he began to complain about being cold, his toes specifically, and being hungry. I couldn’t believe it at 8:40am he was ready to get out of the stand. I was close to packing up and going home, I thought if he take this he will never be able to hunt. Back at camp I fixed our “camp breakfast” (scrambled eggs with onions and potatos)… after eating he was ready to get back in the stand. So off we went at nearly 10:00 am.

After sitting in the stand for a while, not sure how long, we had a nice little 4 point buck walk out in front of us. He was ready to shoot but I had to tell him no. We are not allowed to shoot deer with less than a 13 inch inner spread of their antlers. Instead we enjoyed watching him walk around for a while.

Later in the day we went into town for steaks we planned to eat for dinner. In the late afternoon went were back in the stand… we saw no deer so we got down and went to camp to start on dinner. We also made it an early night to make up for the early rise of the morning.

Sunday morning came pretty quick. I tried halfheartedly to get him up to no avail. By 8:45 am we were finally up and in the stand. By about 10:00 am two deer, a yearling and a doe, showed up. The doe was a legal deer to be taken by my step son. As he was getting his rifle into position I was trying to get my video camera ready and watch him, I am insane about gun safety. I was going back and forth between him and the camera when all of a sudden he asked “can I shoot?”… I said yes. Then “BANG!”… I jump, the camera goes off the deer and the deer run. I asked him if he had it in the sites, he said yes. Out of the stand we go to find the deer, all the time thinking the deer did not move as if it had been hit. We made it to the spot the deer had been, found tracks but no sign the deer had been hit. We walked the area looking for signs but found none. He had missed. He told me while we were looking around that he had jerked the rifle when he pulled the trigger. He was excited, etc… as most of us get when hunting.

We spent the rest of the morning talking about what had gone wrong, so to speak, and what he should do next time. He continually said he could believe he missed, I told him every one misses… I know I have missed plenty. I explained that it takes time to learn to calm yourself to be ready.

Finally packed we headed home. Still talking about the weekend. We had a good weekend; we saw two deer on the drive up Friday evening and three deer while in the stand. Just getting out away from the city and seeing God’s wonderful creation is a good thing. Being able to share with my step son is indescribable.

As we were driving my thoughts drifted to my Grandfather. I couldn’t help but remember all the times he and I were in the woods and I was the one complaining about being cold. I had to laugh how life has made a full circle. I see many things differently now than when I was a kid. I understand more of what my Grandfather went through with me, the joy there is in sharing and teaching  something you truly love with someone you love. I can’t wait for the next trip we have, my step son and I, to hunt for the first deer.


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I have come to the realization that my step daughter does not want to see things my way and will fight against me if I try to push her in any direction.

For three weeks I believe she has not worked at the job she had to get in order to have a car. I have tried a few times to make her understand she needs to work to pay for gas and to do other things she would like. The last time I tried she gave me the “I don’t want to talk about it” response. What money she had saved I am guessing is soon to me gone which will make it  very hard to feed the car; with gas prices near $2.45 per gallon she will be out of cash soon. At that point she will be going to Mom for money to fill the tank. I am against doing this for any other purpose that going to/from school. That means no more going to lunch with friends and running around town for the hell of it.  I feel we, her Mom and I, did our part; we bought the car, paid to have it thoroughly check by a mechanic, pay the insurance cost and other upkeep needs; all she is responsible to do is have a job to buy gasoline.

She has said many times she wants to make her own mistakes… here comes one of many. No job. No money. No go.


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