Stepdad's Thoughts

My thought and feelings.


I have come to the realization that my step daughter does not want to see things my way and will fight against me if I try to push her in any direction.

For three weeks I believe she has not worked at the job she had to get in order to have a car. I have tried a few times to make her understand she needs to work to pay for gas and to do other things she would like. The last time I tried she gave me the “I don’t want to talk about it” response. What money she had saved I am guessing is soon to me gone which will make it  very hard to feed the car; with gas prices near $2.45 per gallon she will be out of cash soon. At that point she will be going to Mom for money to fill the tank. I am against doing this for any other purpose that going to/from school. That means no more going to lunch with friends and running around town for the hell of it.  I feel we, her Mom and I, did our part; we bought the car, paid to have it thoroughly check by a mechanic, pay the insurance cost and other upkeep needs; all she is responsible to do is have a job to buy gasoline.

She has said many times she wants to make her own mistakes… here comes one of many. No job. No money. No go.



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