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On going Frustration

I continue to be frustrated by what I see as the kids lack of respect toward their mother. Little things like do the dishes when you get home from school, go to bed when told, come down stairs when called (don’t ask why), wear your coat, etc… It drives me up the wall. I have been told the kids should do what their Mom says because she says not because I get involved. But this ingrained HATRED for the lack of action, disrespect as I see it makes it VERY hard for me to stay out of the conversations. Unfortunately when I do get involved I will quickly escalate the problem and make it worse many times.

I don’t know how to handle this. I was raised to do as I was told, and I did. If I didn’t I felt the consequences of my actions or in-actions. These guys have no clue of consequences.

I am frustrated and pissed off at times.

The last two days I have tried to keep my mouth shut and have even walked out of the room or house when the disrespect starts. I don’t want to be around it and don’t seem to have any control to correct it.


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