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Yellow Belt

I passed the belt advancement test from White Belt to Yellow Belt on Saturday. It was not too tough although I have been fighting bronchitis for over a week and missed two weeks of practice due to an out of town class, work and Thanksgiving.  I went through the full class Saturday with not too many coughing breaks. The form and the kicking and punching combinations were pretty straight forward; the releases were another story. I find it tough to remember the foot movements to best position my body to keep the optimum balance, but in the end I was able to complete all the releases with only one mistake which I had to repeat about 5 times. the sad part about it to me is it’s the release I like the most.

Any way on to Yellow Belt.

I was shown the two kicking and punching combinations, these seem to be pretty easy unless more is added to them. The first one is jumping 180 back fist (right hand) then a left knee strike followed by a jumping right knee strike. The second one starts with a right shin kick followed by a step forward front kick then in-side turning kick.

Today is another class, more exercise, more learning.


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