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Life managed to get in the way of my Hap Ki Do workouts during the Christmas and New Years break.

I had my first workout since 17-Dec last night. Fortunately I had not forgotten too much and surprisingly I was still able to keep up. At one point I did feel more winded then the others, or at least it looked like that to me. We worked on rolling, counter attacks, releases, strikes, etc… all of which is the reason I wanted to start to learn Hap Ki Do. One thing I don’t miss is the joint pain/discomfort that is a by product of the workouts. Much of the techniques impact your joints greatly, even when done lightly. Any of these techniques performed at full speed and strength would severely injure someone.  One techniques I was shown last night is designed to break the elbow or hyper-extend it to the point of GREAT pain.

Hap Ki Do is something I would recommend to men and women a like. As long as you don’t have any physical reasons that would cause problems I think anyone can do this. It is a great defense system that can be easily applied to the real world.

I was asked by my instructor to attend class tonight and as many as I could. So I am going to work hard at getting to all that are available unless my wife has other plans for me.


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