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Hap Ki Do

Saturday, January 9, 2010,  I completed my pre-test for the one-step sparring requirements to advance toward Green Belt (correction) Orange Belt. I have three more pre-tests to complete before I am able to go through the actual belt test. Fortunately for me my instructor is quite generous, he told me I was testing for the one-step about half way through the class Saturday morning. I say generous because I don;t feel I was really ready but he did. I need some prompting to remember a few of the steps but was able to complete them to his satisfaction, just not mine. I have more work to do so they are much more second nature.

Tae Kwon do was much easier for me. Punching, kicking, etc… are much easier to remember than the intricate releases, pressure points and joint locks of Hap Ki Do. I know given time I will improve but right now it is frustrating at times. Also, the workout itself is tough. Just about the time I think I am able to complete a workout with out feeling like I’m dying my instructor makes the workouts harder. I know this is good and one day I will be able to complete the workouts much easier; I know this because some 15 years ago, in Tae Kwon Do, I was in great shape and could complete several hours of tough workouts without too much strain, at least not like it is now. My mind sees me doing the workouts easily and correctly, my body thinks my mind is nuts.

I continue to take steps toward Black Belt and better physical shape.


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  1. The workouts do get easier. When I started TKD, at the end of class, during the mediation time, I would thank God I did faint. Now most classes are a moderate workout for me. Hap Ki Do is hard to remember. When I tested for my 2nd degree black belt we had to know all them, yellow through high red. Two weeks before the test I had a major brain block and got them all confused. It sounds silly, but I made flash cards. I narrated the moves on one side and put the belt rank and number on the other side of the card (example green #1). It really helped. I would sit on the floor, shuffle the deck, lay them out in order around me, and then get up and perform them.

    Keep it up…I promise it will get easier.

    Comment by sorie40 | January 25, 2010 | Reply

    • Thanks. I know it will become easier as I get in better physical shape. I will test for my orange belt in mid-February. Thanks again for the encouragement.

      Comment by stepdad2 | January 25, 2010 | Reply

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