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What are your plans for SHTF?

What are your plans for SHTF?

I am working on my plan right now. It is not easy to fully get your head wrapped around what you need. Do you need to plan to “shelter in place” or “get the hell out of dodge”? Each has its pros and cons; being prepared is the key.

What does SHTF really mean? To me there are several things that constitute SHTF.

  • A hurricane that directly hits us similar to Ike, but MUCH worse. One that would knock out power for the entire area not these little pockets we saw. Yes they were bad but still livable with the exception of the Galveston area.
  • Chemical plant explosion either by carelessness or manmade (terrorist).
  • Flu or other illness like we were told H1N1 would do but didn’t.
  • Economic collapse; a point where money is absolutely worthless. There are indications in my opinion we are headed to another depression similar the 1920’s and ‘30’s. If it does happen the USA will not be able turn it around quite the way it was done in the past. People are too soft now; they have no understanding of how to survive.

How long do you need to be able to take care of yourself? A week, Two weeks, A month, six months, a year?

In any case I am working on figuring out the best course of action to take. Learning new skills to add to what I already know. It sounds strange to talk about learning things that our fore-fathers knew how to do. Such as curing meat, canning meat and vegetables; I know how the preserve food in the freezer but will be hard pressed to can it, store it in salt, smoke it, etc… I can hunt to provide food, know some of the wild edibles but none of that does much good living in a subdivision as most in America do now.

I was talking with a co-worker on this topic, he told me he ran into a woman with her kids, she told him her kids thought fish came from the grocery store. They were all at a park and he was teaching his boys how to fish and explained they were going to eat the fish they had caught; this shocked the woman’s kids.

We’ve all seen the shows that put one man in the wilderness alone to survive on his own for a week. This is a small glimpse of the skills I think are needed to really survive a SHTF scenario.

There is another concern that needs to be on the table, security. When times get REAL tough many will revert to violence to get what they think they need and want. You need to be ready to protect yourself, your family, your property, etc…

Prepping: Gathering of the THINGS needed to live. Food, Shelter, Clothing, Skills, Security

Food: Gather the type of foods that can sustain you with limited prep requirements.

Shelter: Where will you live? In your house you are in now, somewhere in the country?

Clothing: Have the proper clothing you will need based on the environment. Something not often thought of is shoes, have multiple pairs and have extra shoe laces.

Skills: Having the knowledge to do what is needed to live. Start a fire, find water, build shelter if needed, etc…

Security: Yes I mean guns and ammo, and the ability to use them properly. Along with this is the need to have people around you that you can trust and rely on to help you.

This is all a work in progress; I will be ready to cope with SHTF when it happens, I hope.


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