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My Dad

My Dad is very important to me. He has had much to do with how I am today, though some may say I am crazy. He taught me right and wrong; to be true to my convictions; to stand for what is right and many other cliches. My Dad is very gentle when that is what was needed but was hard when that was needed. He made sure I knew the rules and followed them. There was no question that if my mother gave me a task, I was going to do it because he made sure I had respect for my mother as did he.

I remember as a little kid the two of us sitting in the floor of our apartment playing with cars, not just any cars, these were ‘Sizzlers’ from HotWheels. They were battery powered and fast.

There were other times he would be working a sketch for work or some other things for work and I would just be in the room with him playing with my cars or drawing also.  I did not need to have him directly interact with me, just being there was great.

I played several sports growing up and my Dad was there to support me and cheer me on. I played baseball one year and found that I was not good so never went back to it. At age 10 we moved to a subdivision that had a swim team. I was able to keep my head above water so I joined the team. Dad was at every swim meet, you could hear him holler from any place around the pool. I swam for nearly 10 years and my Dad was there every step of the way. During the time a played Dad’s Club football, 2 years. He was there also. Looking back, Dad was not one of the Dad’s that was in the middle of everything, he was there to support and encourage me not relive his childhood or make up for something he didn’t get to do as a kid. Or, try to make me into a some sports super star that I didn’t want to be.

Unlike some kids my Dad didn’t embarrass me, neither of my parents did.  I enjoyed being with them and doing things with them.

We had a number of boy’s night out… Just me and my Dad. when I was little, under 10, we would go to the drive-in theater and watch the latest Karate/Kung Fu movies. As I got older he would take me and my friends to the indoor theater to see the latest movies released. Our drives home were filled with him telling us jokes and stories of when he was a kid. We even tried a few of the things he told us about, we are lucking to be alive as is he.

Now that I am reaching middle age, I guess that is what I am… I’ll be 45 this year… I look back at those times with great joy. I still enjoy the times I have with my Dad, it’s mostly us sitting around and talking or on the phone. I am very fortunate that he and my Mom live pretty close; I unfortunately don’t see them as much as  I want.

Who I am is largely due to who my Dad is; a very strong man he is. Neither of us are too macho as not to tell each other ” I Love You” or share a hug versus a handshake. His example, his life choices, has helped me to understand the need to be a man of my word. Simply do what you say and do what you know you must.

I love my Dad.

I Love You Dad.


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