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Bear – update 4

Bear spent the day at a specialists office to have an endoscopy performed in hopes of finding the reason he is not keeping food down. Everything looked fine was the report from the vet, so we are still in the dark as to what is going on. It’s been about an hour since we fed him a small portion of rice and chicken (minced) with chicken broth. Our hopes are he will keep it down. The medicine he was taking has been changed, thinking that may have been the cause.

A bird mocking bird just made a squawking sound and that sure perked him up. He was ready to get what ever it was.

His energy level really hasn’t been impacted too hard… that’s not true. His energy level is high for a short period then he has to rest a bit then it is back. After not really eating for 2+ days it is quite remarkable to me.

He is a tough guy and I sure hope he mends soon so we can get back to our nightly walks and all his other activities, seeing like this is really tough. I want him to get back to his normal self.


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