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TKD Demonstration

On July 17 our school will hold a Tae Kwon Do demonstration program with the K-Tigers. We are not trying to promote it too much since Master An has said he is mainly doing this for his students and their families. We are putting out some fliers to bring in some of the residents around the local area but not from all over. There are some really good videos of the K-Tigers, I can’t wait to see them. We have also been given the option to have one of the team members stay with use while they are in town for 4 days. I am thinking about having one or two stay with us to let my family and me learn more about how they train and the benefits of their training. If nothing else they will real close to the school, less than a mile, so they can get back and forth quickly.

We are having an internal demo before the K-Tigers to have the kids of the school do breaking and show their forms to parents and family. It is being called “Breaking day”, the kids will be able to break boards that will represent bad habits or something they want to make a change in… all symbolic but good for the kids. We, the older students, have been asked to perform various duties during the demonstration.

It is going to be a lot of fun. Maybe we can have a short Hap Ki Do demo also.


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