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Last night’s workout was much better than Tuesdays, I still have to move slow but range of motion is better. I didn’t realize how much better I felt when I was getting to class regularly until this recent injury. All of the old guys (an age reference that includes me) were in class last night, we were put through a GOOD stretching warm-up to avoid injuries as our instructor told us. We, the Hapkido students, were tasked with teaching a few techniques to the Tae Kwon Do students. They were told they should know some basic escape techniques not just the punching and kicking they usually work on. I like helping others get an understanding of the techniques, it helps me learn them better which helps me also.

The technique we were working on was a two grab escape. When done properly there is little your attacker can do other than comply to your will.

All in all it was good to workout harder than Tuesday and I see good progress in the healing of my leg. I think I will be able to go full out in the next two or three weeks.


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