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Bow hunting??

I have been toying with the idea of bow hunting for a long time, Saturday I finally took time to actually talk to someone about the bow I would need. I stopped by Gander Mountain to get an idea to the right size bow; draw length, weight, etc… I found that a draw length of 26″ is right for me and draw weight of 60lbs. I was able to draw the bow and fire it a couple of times, it seems pretty easy to hit where I wanted to… I was only shooting 15ft away so I really couldn’t miss.

The whole idea of bow hunting intrigues me and in turn concerns me. Most of the places I have hunted lately do not have places where I think I can get close enough, 20-30yds, to actually get off a shot. I would have to use a climbing stand, which I have, and get into a spot that put me closer to the game trails. Hunting the Big Thicket/Piney Woods will be a challenge with a bow.

The bottom line is I need to decide if I want to spend the money, about $450, and invest the time to be able to take a deer or hog safely with a bow. The thought of adding a month onto my season really sounds good to me.

Time to ponder.


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