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2010 Deer Season

I am on two deer leases this year, one I share with a friend, the other is a family lease we’ve had since 1978. I left the family lease nearly 10 years ago when my grandfather stopped hunting due to his inability to move around safely. This year I am back on the lease; The lease was originally formed by my grandfather and his two brothers and kids and grand-kids. I have only one uncle left, he is 80+. I wanted to get back with my family and also make sure the lease was able to stay in the family.

Oddly enough I feel out of place on the lease; not being there for so long has allowed the areas I used to hunt fall into others hands. Silly as it sounds I am even worried about what bunk I will get. I want my grandfathers old bunk simply because it was his and I will feel closer to him by having it. One major upside is the area I have placed my blind is real close to the area my grandfather had his, down on a creek. Again just another way to feel like he is with me.

I hope I can get the feeling I really belong on the lease again and make an area that is really mine again. We have 360 acres to hunt with 7 – 8 people hunting. One cousin is ecstatic I am back, he and I always hunted together, we did more in the area we shared than anyone else. We both liked to get out of the stand and still hunt several time we got deer near each others stand.


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