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I’ve been stewing over this one the last couple of days. Monday my stepson’s dad picked him up from school after football practice as is usual. On their ride to our house, my wife and I were not home from work yet, he tells his dad he was hit hard during practice and the coach wants him to get checked out for a possible concussion. His dad has something else he has to do and does not take him straight to the doctor… Am I nuts or should you take you child to the doctor for something like this? What is more important than your child’s well being? About 2 hours later my wife gets home, I get home 30 minutes after her, she tells me what has transpired. She takes him to the Urgent care facility near us and they check him out. Come to find out he might very well have a mild concussion. He is going for a full scan today, performed by his regular doctor, to make sure he is OK. Fortunately his only complaints are a few aches and a head ache; not the nausea, etc… that comes along with a back concussion.


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  1. OMG!! My x-husband did the SAME thing except my sone hit his head on the jungle gym, while his step-mother was watching him, and my X took him home, gave him some tylenol, and PUT HIM TO BED!! Call me crazy…but that’s 1 one the general rules on concussions…you don’t put them to bed. Hope all works out……

    Comment by wtarrell | October 20, 2010 | Reply

    • good to know I’m not alone in my thoughts. I just found out he does have the mildest of concussions and will need to take it easy for a few days. The bottom line is he will be OK.

      Comment by stepdad2 | October 20, 2010 | Reply

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