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It’s lunch time and I thought I would put down the various random thoughts I have.

Tomorrow is Sept. 11, 2010; the 9 year anniversary or memorial of the attacks by radical Muslims on the USA and its’ people. I believe for many that the attacks are just a distant memory, the solidarity that was created by the attacks has now left many Americans. I personally still feel the same sorrow for those lost now that I did then. I have come to love my country and its people more since that day. I worry more about the direction the government is taking us and feel lost as to what action I can take to correct the course.

We continue to hear the USA needs to be tolerant of others ie Muslims and their beliefs. What about ours?!!! Is there no taking into account that people were killed 9 years ago for some fucked up religious war the Muslims have laid on us. Yes, the USA has military in many places some I am sure we don’t need to be it but they are fighting others with guns. We are not randomly lining up civilians and killing them. Part of me wants the “EYE FOR AN EYE” justice to kick in so we, the USA, can kick ass.

Move the mosque! In the USA we have freedom of religion; that means the government will not and does not mandate a religion the people must follow. That’s a big part of why our ancestors came to America to begin with. I’ve heard there are some 200 mosques in New York already, don’t build one at ‘Ground Zero’. Move it several blocks away and all will be fine. The muslims scream for the Americans to be respectful and tolerant of their beliefs, where’s the respect from them toward us. This is America, if you don’t like it GET THE HELL OUT!


I’ve been trying to take my blog entries and convert them into a MS Word document, making a book of sorts. I have toyed with the idea of giving it to my wife and step kids, thinking that the might read it. I started writing for that very reason, I am positive they have not seen any of what I have written with the exception of one or two entries, the poems. Now I think it would simply be too big for them to be able to read due to lack of attention and in some cases lack of caring. I am pretty sure my wife would read it and would switch between being angry, sad, hurt, upset, etc… as she read what I’ve felt over the last year.

I have taken time to look over the entries and I see FAILURE. Failure on my part of being able to change enough to form much of a relationship with my step kids. I am too tough on following the rules and respecting your parents to make it work. I really have just given up. I am focusing more on my Hapkido and playing with our dog, at least I know where I stand on those. Hunting season starts in November, I am starting to focus on prep for that also.

Time to go; Work is calling.


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I have been slow at reading over the past few weeks but started again last week. I am now reading Cody Ludin’s 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive. It covers the basics of staying alive in the wilderness, it uses a group of characters to illustrate points. I find it entertaining and informative.

I took a few minutes and put together a list of books, a few I have read others are on the “going to” list;

  • Finding Your Way without Map or Compass – Harold Gatty
  • Build the Perfect Survival Kit – John d. McCann
  • Urban Survival Guide – David Morris
  • Bug Out – Scott B. Williams
  • Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America – Thomas W. Chittum
  • 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive – Cody Lundin (Currently reading)
  • When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need To Survive When Disaster Strikes – Cody Lundin
  • How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It: Tactics, Techniques, and Technologies for Uncertain Times – James Wesley Rawles (Completed)
  • Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse  – James Wesley Rawles (Completed)
  • One Second After – William R. Forstchen (Completed)
  • Green Eyes and Black Rifles: Warriors Guide to the Combat Carbine – Ret. SGM Kyle E. Lamb

Whether anyone else finds these books interesting is yet to be seen but if you have an inkling that you could be caught up an a disaster or left to your own to survive in the world I think you should consider these books or books of this type. Yep… it sounds like chicken little but you just never know. Think about the numbers of people that were left to fend for themselves after hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Ike… What would you do? How would you take care of yourself and family? I’m not running scared but I do have my eyes open to all possibilities.

Many of us have watched the survival shows on TV, seen fire started in various ways; rubbing sticks together, using flint and steel, etc… have you ever tried to do these things? It’s not easy and takes practice. Think about it this way… Consider driving from Houston to Fort Stockton, TX to El Paso, TX. There’s not much out there once you get west of San Antonio. what would you do if you car broke down in the middle of this trip? I’ve been there and there are places that the wonderful cell phone doesn’t work. Stranded on this stretch of road could make for a long night, if you are one that travels at night. What if your daughter or son is making the trip alone to go to college or visit family or friends? Are they prepared? I know my stepdaughter isn’t but I try to get her to learn things or just see the need.

Damn that’s more than I planned to say on the need, as I see it, to learn basic skills. The books listed I believe can help.

If nothing else…It’s entertaining.

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