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I will begin posting about my outdoor activities soon, most of this will hunting prep and past memories of trips with my grandfather.

September 17, 2009

My Grandfather:

My Grandfather was born in Westville, Texas on August, 23, 1915. He passed away on Saturday, January 6, 2007.

He grew up in Trinity, Texas and worked in the sawmill with his father. My Grandparents married December 24, 1939. In 1940, he went to San Diego, California and worked for Consolidated Aircraft building the B-24 bomber.  November 1945 brought him back to Texas where he worked for an oil field supply company. Working in the oil industry, he lived and worked in many cities along the Gulf Coast, from Corpus Christi, Texas to Venice, Louisiana. In 1973, he returned to Texas and he retired in 1980. Upon retiring, he took up stained glass doing pieces for individuals and businesses. During all of his life, he enjoyed hunting and fishing as often as possible. (from is obituary)

Hunting with my Grandfather:

We had gone to our deer lease to get ready for the hunting season, Friday the day before it opened. My Grandfather and I were headed out to a stand not too far from camp on one of the tram roads we hunted. As we were walking I kept telling him I heard a deer walking in the woods to our right. I was 8, looking back now, and don’t think he really believed me. But, he told me to keep walking and be quiet. I stopped him again telling him I heard the sounds again… we did this several times, each time I was told to keep on walking quietly. We walked on, then suddenly a beautiful 8 point buck jumped right out in front of us. If my memory is correct I say it was no more the ten yards away. I’m not sure who was more surprised, the deer or my Grandfather. We all froze not knowing what to do, we stood like that for what now seams like forever but probably no more than a few seconds… but long enough for us to get a real good look at him. I think from that day on my Grandfather started listening when I said I heard something in the wood. This is a story that has been told many times both at the deer camp and at family gatherings. It’s one of the first hunting memories I have with my Grandfather.

September 28, 2009

Two deer:

One opening weekend when I was in my twenties my grandfather and I both shot deer. It was a very hot day in November as they seen be now days. I had walked out to stand well before daylight to wait for the right deer to walk by. As it would turn out I only saw does, so as was my custom, I got down at about 9am. This was a pre-arranged time with my cousin who hunted a few hundred yards away from me. I would always begin my walk to the south side of the lease while he would take a more northwest direction. The way it worked is we would end up near or in each other’s stand. This particular time I decided to stop in the highline, a spot where power lines cross the lease, a wait to see if something crossed. Shortly after sitting a does came running across the highline and stopped in the middle, she kept looking behind her so I started watching the tree line. Then I heard a bunch of crashing in the brush, she ran the rest of the way across. I nice 8 point buck came out of the woods and flew across the highline chasing her. I missed my chance, or so I thought. A few minutes later I heard noises from the spot they both entered on the other side of the highline. Suddenly the doe came out and ran across the highline to same place she had come from earlier. Then the buck came out but this time he stopped in the brush and all I could see was his antlers. He then cleared the brush and stopped in the open. I was ready for him.

Now that I had taken him I had to get him back to camp. This is well before the ATV was widely used so I had to drag the 140lbs deer, I found out later, nearly 2 miles. As I was dragging the deer I reached my stand and found my cousin standing there with a deer. It was funny because if we each had stayed in our own stand we most likely would have shot each other’s deer. We talked for a few minutes while I got my breath back than began the rest of the 1.5 miles back to camp.

We made it back before my grandfather returned to camp. When he arrived he got out of the truck and asked if a got one… I was glad to tell him I did and pointed to it. I then asked him if he had any luck, he said yes. I walked over the truck to get the deer and just about fell over. He had one o the largest deer ever taken on our lease. It made mine look like a baby.

We laughed and took pictures then began the cleaning process. It amazes me to this day, my grandfather never took many deer, and he always wanted me to. He had limits on the size of the deer he would shot and on what he would allow me to take. But when he decided to shot he always seemed to get a big deer. I still look back at the pictures and recall the memories. The time in the woods always bring me joy.

I still feel my grandfather with me, especially when I am in the woods. There is this feeling of peace that I have when in the woods that can only attribute to the many good time I had.

October 27, 2009

Youth deer season starts 4 days, I am talking my step son. I have a new stand in place that the two of us can sit in comfortably. I sure hope we see and get something, deer or hog doesn’t really matter. I took his rifle out a few weeks a go to make sure it was ready for him. He has been growing so fast the camo close O bought him last year are too small, I hope he can ware some of mine if needed. We won’t be doing any still hunting so the camo is not really needed, the blind is completely enclosed.

Just a short update hoping he gets his first deer this year.


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