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Going Home

I am leaving the deer camp one day early, Tuesday vs. Wednesday. I was planning to stay longer just to relax and have time to myself to think about the stress I have at home. But, I told my stepson that I would be at all his football games. I had originally told him I was going to miss the on tomorrow(Tuesday) because I would be hunting. I am going to get out of here early in the morning to make sure I am at his game so I came keep the promise I made him before his football season started. I stress to everyone I meet that keeping your word is one of the most important things you cane do, it shows what type of person you are. I want to make sure he knows I am a man of my word and will make sure I am there.

I hope he sees this and will know that what I say I also do.

I am keeping my promise to him… And yes I do enjoy watching him play, it’s a lot of fun for me to see him doing something he really enjoys.


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