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Bow hunting??

I have been toying with the idea of bow hunting for a long time, Saturday I finally took time to actually talk to someone about the bow I would need. I stopped by Gander Mountain to get an idea to the right size bow; draw length, weight, etc… I found that a draw length of 26″ is right for me and draw weight of 60lbs. I was able to draw the bow and fire it a couple of times, it seems pretty easy to hit where I wanted to… I was only shooting 15ft away so I really couldn’t miss.

The whole idea of bow hunting intrigues me and in turn concerns me. Most of the places I have hunted lately do not have places where I think I can get close enough, 20-30yds, to actually get off a shot. I would have to use a climbing stand, which I have, and get into a spot that put me closer to the game trails. Hunting the Big Thicket/Piney Woods will be a challenge with a bow.

The bottom line is I need to decide if I want to spend the money, about $450, and invest the time to be able to take a deer or hog safely with a bow. The thought of adding a month onto my season really sounds good to me.

Time to ponder.


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I have come to the realization that my step daughter does not want to see things my way and will fight against me if I try to push her in any direction.

For three weeks I believe she has not worked at the job she had to get in order to have a car. I have tried a few times to make her understand she needs to work to pay for gas and to do other things she would like. The last time I tried she gave me the “I don’t want to talk about it” response. What money she had saved I am guessing is soon to me gone which will make it  very hard to feed the car; with gas prices near $2.45 per gallon she will be out of cash soon. At that point she will be going to Mom for money to fill the tank. I am against doing this for any other purpose that going to/from school. That means no more going to lunch with friends and running around town for the hell of it.  I feel we, her Mom and I, did our part; we bought the car, paid to have it thoroughly check by a mechanic, pay the insurance cost and other upkeep needs; all she is responsible to do is have a job to buy gasoline.

She has said many times she wants to make her own mistakes… here comes one of many. No job. No money. No go.


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How do you pay for college? My step daughter will graduate from high school in the spring which means college is next, I hope. Finding the funds is going to be a real challenge. There are multiple options, grants, scholarships, loans, etc… I didn’t finish college, paying my own way just didn’t work. I want to be able to provide her the opportunity to get a college education in hopes she will be able to find a career she enjoys and can support herself in.oldmain

I have told her she needs to apply for every scholarship offered in hope of getting some money for school. I have done this for two reason; one is to get her to show just how much she wants to go to college, two is because I don’t have all the money that is needed. I have figured out that I need a minimum of $100,000 for a four year program. Money I have yet to figure out where to get it from.

She is real smart and does good in school, A’s and B’s. If she would apply herself to work on getting scholarships I am sure she would get some. They would help tremendously with the costs. Once she gets into school we have mentioned getting a job on campus; this would allow her to make some cash and meet a lot of people.

I hope it all works out and we are able to put her through school, community college for the first two years would make it much easier also.

Just waiting.

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