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Paintball – Birthday UPDATE

Saturday was the day; we had 11 boys and two adults playing paintball for my stepson’s birthday. The two adults were me and my Dad. We got off to a slow start due to gun malfunctions but ended up having two hours to playing time that was just the 13 of us. If you’ve ever played paintball in a big group of strangers try playing with a small group of friends, it is MUCH better. After the private playing time the boys played another 2.5 hours in the main group, all had fun.

After the paintball the boys came back to our house for football then had burgers and fries for dinner… Oh yeah we fed them pizza during paintball.

All in all it was a long day for the adults and fun day for the kids… 10am to 10pm of close to non-stop activity wore us all out.


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Paintball – Birthday

Saturday we are planning a paintball birthday party for my stepson; he will be 14. Originally I was hoping for 10+ people so we could have 2 hours of private play time. Unfortunately he took too long in getting the names we asked for so we are look at maybe 6 counting me. I really wish he had jumped on things, 2 hours of private play would have been a lot of fun.

I am hoping his Dad will join us also but it is not looking good.

He also wanted to feed his guest deer burgers and homemade fries… I am not sure if that will happen; time will tell…

He has his own PB gun and I am thinking about getting me a cheap one vs. taking a chance on the rental gun. I have an old PB gun that needs a lot of work, rings, valve, etc…

Tippmann Carver One or Spyder MR1 Sniper both cost around $100.

Either way I think this will be a good birthday for him, this is something he has wanted to do for a while but weather has stopped it each time. We have a good forecast this weekend so we are in.

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