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I’ve been stewing over this one the last couple of days. Monday my stepson’s dad picked him up from school after football practice as is usual. On their ride to our house, my wife and I were not home from work yet, he tells his dad he was hit hard during practice and the coach wants him to get checked out for a possible concussion. His dad has something else he has to do and does not take him straight to the doctor… Am I nuts or should you take you child to the doctor for something like this? What is more important than your child’s well being? About 2 hours later my wife gets home, I get home 30 minutes after her, she tells me what has transpired. She takes him to the Urgent care facility near us and they check him out. Come to find out he might very well have a mild concussion. He is going for a full scan today, performed by his regular doctor, to make sure he is OK. Fortunately his only complaints are a few aches and a head ache; not the nausea, etc… that comes along with a back concussion.


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Hapkido workout

Last night we had a good Hapkido workout. After our usual warm up exercises we did 400 kicking drills to help strengthen our kicking muscle… Yes I mean the hip and gluts. Then we went right into sitting stance for 200+ punches, all this done in about 15 minutes. Needless to say it really showed me and others that we need to be in better shape. Our class is primarily made of those of us over 40 with a few teens. It was kinda fun to see the teens struggling like we were but kinda sad also, I would expect them to be more fit.

After all that we started working on the skills for our next testing. I am working on throws. An attacker would grab my arm then I will escape then either throw or push the attacker to the ground. I was working with one of our Black Belts who is 6ft+ about 250 while I am 5-5 and 200, I’m not fat… It was a bit of work to figure out how to use some of the techniques on someone so much taller than I am. The throws were the tough ones, the push ans sweeps were much more comfortable and made since.

After that we started our class ending exercises where we did 300 crunches, many in the class stopped somewhere after 100… I was the last one to finish but I got the 300 completed. I wonder if some that said they completed the 300 really did, some of them I think in worse shape then I am. Oh well that’s between them our instructor.

It was a great workout, I’ll be at class tonight looking forward to another workout.

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Hap Ki Do practice

The week is coming to an end I have a lot of private time practice to do to get ready for my belt test on June 4. I will be out of town on business all next week so I will only have three days to of actual practice before the testing. I still have the pains from the pulled hamstring, last night I really pushed it and get the nice little twinges when I walk. I have passed two of the three pre-tests the third should go well since I know the form. I’ll take time next week in the hotels to use their gym facilities to lift weights and find an area I can work on the form and walk through all the release techniques.

I really need to work on strength training, it’s not that I too far gone but the stronger I am the better this will all be and I will struggle less with some of the workout aspects… sit ups to be specific. Exercises I think I will be doing outside of practice: push ups, sit ups, lunges and dips, with variations of each.

If all goes as planned I will pass my belt test for High-Green on June 4th. I am looking forward to the testing and the chance to learn more.

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Hap Ki Do – Hamstring

I did it again…. Tuesday I pulled my hamstring pretty good. We were doing simple kicking drills, front kick, roundhouse, etc… then we did a spinning hook kick… OUCH!!!! I think I didn’t warm up and stretch properly. I went to a sports medicine doctor/friend who worked magic… I have taken the rest of this week of from practice (hard practice) to allow the muscle to heal. Today, Friday, it is much better, the light stretching, icing and massaging seem to working.

The moral here is to make sure you properly prepare yourself for strenuous activity and also to remember you are not a kid any more… I have trouble with that one, I still act more like 10 at times and think my body can do the things it did when I was in my twenties. 40+ and out of shape will win every time if you are not careful. I hope in another year or so I will be in better shape and be able do more, better.

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Yellow Belt

I passed the belt advancement test from White Belt to Yellow Belt on Saturday. It was not too tough although I have been fighting bronchitis for over a week and missed two weeks of practice due to an out of town class, work and Thanksgiving.  I went through the full class Saturday with not too many coughing breaks. The form and the kicking and punching combinations were pretty straight forward; the releases were another story. I find it tough to remember the foot movements to best position my body to keep the optimum balance, but in the end I was able to complete all the releases with only one mistake which I had to repeat about 5 times. the sad part about it to me is it’s the release I like the most.

Any way on to Yellow Belt.

I was shown the two kicking and punching combinations, these seem to be pretty easy unless more is added to them. The first one is jumping 180 back fist (right hand) then a left knee strike followed by a jumping right knee strike. The second one starts with a right shin kick followed by a step forward front kick then in-side turning kick.

Today is another class, more exercise, more learning.

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Football – First Game

sabercats_logoThe game didn’t go as we all hoped, my step-son’s team lost. He was defensive team captain and strong side left linebacker. The other team did a good job of putting him out of the plays, as he admitted he missed the tackles. I was proud of him to hear him take responsibility for what he thought he did wrong. I personally think the other team players were able to block him to cause the misses. He played a big part of the first half then was taken out of the game, not sure why the coach did that. We spent the rest of the game waiting to see him back on the field which never happened.

After he got home, his Dad picked him up from school, we sat at the dinner table. He was obviously down but did hold his head high and talked about the game and the attitude of the other players. He stepped up and told his teammates there was no reason to cry over it and to move on to the next game. I was having trouble reading him so I was quiet which was probably a bad idea but it happened. I did ask him what I could do to help… his response was to help learn to tackle better. I played a couple of year some 30+ years ago. How do I help him tackle better? As he said he needs to get the info from his head to action. I can make him physically stronger which I know will help. We can work on strength, speed and agility but tackling? Not sure what to do there. I hope I can come up with something to help him… his answer is to buy a tackling dummy. I’m not so sure that will make much of a difference.

This is his first real game, he has much to learn to be a better player. His own perseverance will make the difference. He always wants help while I see much of what he needs to do as a private thing he wants the interaction. I have to change my ways to be there and get him to understand he will need to do this on his own. A mix of the two is in order. He needs to have the drive to be the best and do what ever it takes to get there. My first recommendation is cut the TV and get outside.

I will work with him to get there… I was very proud of him, he showed good sportsmanship and maturity in his actions.

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Workout routine

My stepson and I began the first of his workout routines yesterday. When I got home from work he had just completed his homework… I was glad to see that. I gave him the plan I put together for him, it’s the “Monster” Workout. I named it this because he is playing the Monster linebacker position, left side linebacker. I explained to him that this would be a full body workout since he has never done anything like this before it would be best to start off simple. We started off by getting the radio tuned to the right ‘Rock’ station then we began to figure out the various weights he would use for each exercise.

He did real good, he worked out in his head the best order to perform the exercises that made the weight changing and bar changing impact the workout time the least. Situps were fun bowflex-exercise1to watch… we are using a Bowflex and using about 10lbs of resistance. He was coming up beyond the point of resistance so I had him rise less than he had been. The look on his face was priceless, he really started to feel the burn. He did 90 situps, 30 really worked him hard.

I really had a good time with him. I don’t look like it now but at one time I worked out a lot and have come to understand the best exercises to help build strong muscles. It was GREAT to be able to start sharing this with him. We had real two way conversation and some good kidding around. I like this so much, I am not going to let this slide away. WE had fun, I have come to FIANLLY realize that is what I should have been doing all along.

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sabercats_logoMy stepson had his first football game last night. It was a scrimmage by still very exciting. He made the starting “Monster” linebacker position. He really did good, he was in on a number of tackles and recovered two fumbles.  After the game he was really pumped… we spoke to the coach who gave us a few pointers on improvements and thoughts on workouts. We are going to start the workouts tonight if we have the time, I think we will.

I was very proud to watch him. You could see he was doing something he really enjoyed. This is going to be a lot of fun for all of us. He asked if I was going to be at the next game and I was glad to say yes. I told him I have already scheduled time off from work for all of his games. I did have to tell that the only way I might be late is if there was a problem at work, he understood and was OK with that… I don’t plan on missing any of them.

Next week is the first real game. I’ll have my camera to take action shots to share with family.

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