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Anyone tired of working? I really wish I was able to quit working and retire to a life of leisure; but until the kids are out of college and the saving accounts are UP I’ll continue to work.

My dream is a modest place, 3 bedrooms, 3+ car garage, living room, kitchen, etc… with a LARGE wrap around porch, on 500 acres. Yep, 500 acres of wooded land made up of hardwoods, pines, some pasture and a lake of 10 acres fed by both a creek/river and a spring.

I actually have seen places like this, or close to it, but all cost SO much it is ridiculous. Not long a go I found 200 acres that shared a long fence line with a national forest… Cost was $1,000,000 and there was no house but it did have a 5 acre lake.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy what I do for a living but I would like to get out a live vs. working. I need to recharge my batteries, get a new perspective on life in general and do some of the things I enjoy instead of doing the things I must do. Right now my escape comes in November.

November 5 I leave the house for 10 days of hunting. No TV, no phone, no etc… just hunting and relaxing in the outdoors.

Back to work…


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Old Camper

I picked up the old Serro Scotty Sportsman camper I bought from a friend for $200 over the weekend. I am going to spend time working on it now since there is plenty of work to be done on it. I am not quite sure of the age of the camper but I am guessing 25 years old. I plan on using it for deer hunting instead of the tents I have been using.

Initially I am going to simply wash the outside and look for leaks. Once that is done I am going to replace one of the windows that has been covered over by plywood. Then I’ll check all the other windows to make sure they will open to allow airflow.  I am also going to need to work on the tires, axle and bearings; I don’t think it could handle a 3 hour trip to my house without replacing all three.

It is going to be nice not to have to haul the tent around and go through setup and take down and the dreaded “is it dry” concern.

Can’t wait…

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New Used Car

It looks like I’ll be purchasing a ‘New used Car’ for my stepdaughter. In July 2009 we found a used 2001 Hyundai Sonata for $2300 that we purchased for her. It unfortunately has turned into a money pit… I am by no means a car buff and will not pretend to be one. I did have the car checked out by the shop we use and nothing major was found to be a problem.

Now the alternator and A/C compressor have gone and it will cost just about the price of the car to get it fixed.

Time to cut our loses and find something better, more mechanically reliable. Now to figure out what that is. I refuse, as does my wife, to buy her a new car. I am actually thinking about having her, stepdaughter, make payments on the new used car.

Just one more thing to add the stress bucket and cost bucket of the last two weeks.

The bucket: Bear, work, Home, car…

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Entitlements. I can’t count how many times I have seen/heard someone complain about not getting something. I have heard it from people on the street, people at work, people on TV, politicians, kids, etc…

It outright blows my mind. Why do people think they are owed something just because they don’t have it and someone else does?  It makes me think of Socialism, Marxism and Communism. Yes the definitions are a bit off but the main idea is the same; take from someone to give to some else. I guess it’s more of a socialist thought process;

‘a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.’

It seems no one is willing to work for what they want. And too many have the “keep up with the Jones’” mentality. Why? It drives me nuts.

I have no problem with someone wanting things; just don’t expect someone else to provide them…. Get off your lazy ass and work for it.

Do I believe there are no good reasons for entitlements… No! I believe those people that are truly in need; the handicapped, the elderly and our military all deserve some form of assistance or entitlement. They do need to work to provide for themselves as much as possible but I can see the need to provide services for them.

Our military personnel should NEVER be in need of anything while in or out of the service. Too many times our military is forgotten once they have completed their time. That is wrong. They have given everything, literally in some cases, for this country and its’ people. The least that can be done is to make sure they have ALL their needs met when they cannot provide for themselves.

Children; many of them in good homes seem to think that Mom and Dad should give them everything they want… Can you say “No”? Food, shelter, clothing and education are the needs, everything else should be earned. Yes parents can provide other gifts, etc… for their kids but they do need to learn quickly that they, the kids, need to work for the wants they have also. Being a good parent does not mean you must bow down to every whim and want the kids have.

We need to grow good strong kids and take care of those in need. And everyone needs to understand there are no entitlements in this world.

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We had a house full for Thanksgiving dinner. My wifes mother and stepfather, her brother and wife and their five kids, my sister and her boyfriend and the four of us. Oh, and two dogs. Fifteen in total ate dinner. My wife went all out; we had turkey, cornbread dressing, green bean casorole, brocolli & rice casorole, cranberry sauce and jelly, rolls two pies… I’m sure I missed something. Everything was FANTASTIC!!!

The one problem we had was finding enough places for everone to sit. Our dinning room table holds eight and the breakfast table holds six if we push it. Some of the kids ate outside, my step daughter and I ate at the coffe table.

Before dinner and after the kids ran all over the place looking for things to do. Some found the game tables we have while other played outside.

It was a good day for all.

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Out of Town

I am in Dallas all week for a training course. Day three begins today and so far it has been very good. What I have learned so far will be of great help back at the office.

I’ll write more when I have time.

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